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Welcome to the Espace Céven'Trail !

With more than twenty permanent signed trails, it is nearly 330 km of trail running paths that are to be discovered alone or with friends. Each route has an information panel (layout, markings, profile ...) at the start. Like ski slopes, these tracks are color coded from green (for the easiest) to black (for the most challenging), including blue and red.


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The trails :

Green (easy) : N°2 ; N°5 ; N°13 ; N°14 ; N°16

Blue (middle) : N°1 ; N°3 ; N°6 ; N°7 ; N°8 ;  N°9 ; N°11 ; N°18 ; N°19 ; N°20

Red (difficult) : N°4 ; N°10 ; N°12 ; N°17

Black (very difficult) : N°15

Find a description and the layout of all the routes below


You can also download the .gpx for each route by right-clicking  "Télécharger la brochure" and "Save as"...


  • Between two Ceven'trail markings, you must follow the classic markings (PR, GR, GRP).
  • Respect the inhabitants and other users of the trails and paths.
  • Respect the flora and fauna. Leave nothing behind and don't forget to close the barriers you have opened.
  • Be careful ! Take enough water and supplies and always carry your mobile phone to contact the emergency services in case of need. 

Espace Ceven'Trail n°2

A small circuit which can be used as an introduction to the Trail and to get in touch with the Causse de Blandas and the Cirque de Navacelles.A loop starting ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°10

For those who like steep slopes and fairly long circuits, a track that will "filter" with the limits of the Cévennes National Park.A loop starting from ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°11

These two summits close the eastern edge of the Causse de Blandas and offer superb viewpoints over a large part of the Pays Viganais. Beyond to the East, ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°12

One of the longest circuits of the Espace Céven'Trail, with a consequent difference in altitude requiring a certain commitment. It visits no less than ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°13

A relatively short, but varied circuit that nevertheless has a respectable difference in altitude and offers beautiful views.A loop starting from ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°14

A nice circuit on both sides of the Arre valley, without any difficulty, except for a steep climb around the 6th km. It allows you to visit five hamlets in this ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°15

A large-scale itinerary to be tackled only with good preparation but which allows you to discover all the different facets of the Pays Viganais. The route ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail N°16

This short introductory circuit is the best known among the sportsmen and women of the city. This easily accessible loop is also known as the "Chemin de la ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail N°17

The meeting of circuits 5 and 6 gives this superb itinerary straddling the Col de Mouzoules. If it can be undertaken indifferently from Aumessas or Bréau, it ...


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Espace Ceven Trail N°19

A rather off-centre circuit but which makes it possible to discover the magnificent Causse de Campestre, the southern extension of the Larzac.A loop ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°2

A small circuit which can be used as an introduction to the trail and to get in touch with the Causse de Blandas and the Cirque de Navacelles. A loop starting ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail N°20

A very wild and varied route on the borders of southern Larzac from the pretty isolated village of Vissec.A loop starting from Vissec, count between 1h50 and ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°3

A relatively short but invigorating circuit that leads to the ridges overlooking Le Vigan to the north-east and opens up views alternating between the Arre ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°4

A difficult but magnificent itinerary which offers superb views of the Pays Viganais.A loop starting from Le Vigan, count at least between 3h15 min and 5h55 ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°5

An affordable circuit but still well endowed with the "Cévennes" gene with beautiful monotraces on the hillside or on the ridge. It also offers very ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°6

A superb route from one of the most beautiful villages in the Pays Viganais. This route offers a great variety of landscapes and magnificent sections of ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°7

For this circuit on the heights of Alzon, take advantage of the 2.5km prologue on the small road to Le Villaret to warm up in peace. From the start of the path ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°8

Beautiful walks on the southern slopes of the Saint Guiral and the Col de l'Homme Mort, with an alternation of fairly technical paths and forest tracks ...


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Espace Ceven'Trail n°9

A demanding circuit in the shape of a figure eight in the pleasant valley of Mandagout. An opportunity to discover the cultivation of the sweet onion of the ...


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