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Esprit Parc National
    Azimut Voyage, a sustainable tourism association, offers original thematic stays, in small or customized groups, in nature immersion in France and abroad.
    An off-trail experience!

    We take you to meet the inhabitants and lovers of the land, with ease for moments of sharing, exchange and conviviality. A trip in immersion to disconnect and find the essential, Nature and the human.

    ? Contemplate the stars in an astronomical observatory nestled right on the edge of a lake
    ? Explore the trails in the tracks of feathered and feathered animals
    ? Glean wild plants and learn how to cook them
    ? Bivouac perched in the trees
    ? Roaming with donkeys on wild trails
    ? Crunch a Cevennes village guided by a carnettist illustrator
    ? Harvest and distill the Rose of Damascus with local producers
    ? Practice a yoga session in a yurt
    ? Sing through the fields or in a cave with a vocal coach during hike-singing getaways
    ? Or simply let yourself be guided day by day from discovery to discovery!

    The whole flavored with majestic landscapes, seasoned with a big pinch of authentic encounters and accompanied by passionate people.

    Immerse yourself at home, in a yurt, in a small cottage Cevennes, or roaming with our donkeys, to meet the landscapes of the Cevennes and its small local producers.
    Ecotourism Association, a signatory of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Azimut Voyage strives to promote the natural, cultural and human heritage that shapes a territory.

    Label :

    - Esprit Cévennes National Park

    - European Charter for Sustainable Tourism 

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