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The village of Aumessas consists of several hamlets and neighborhoods with a typical habitat of granite and schist. Part of the village is located in the Cevennes National Park. The church and the temple symbolize the presence of two religions. The village lies at the heart of a Protestant country that has continued despite more than a century of repressive wars. Rich from traditions of sharing and trading, Aumessas offers attractive heritage worth to include it in the next label "Village of Character".

To see:

- The 12th century church, its Benedictine style bell-comb tower characteristic of Gevaudan and Cevennes, partly restored after the revolt of Camisards. The original bell listed historic monument, is still visible at the back of the church.

- The temple, built in the 17th century, destroyed in the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes and rebuilt in the 19th century.

- The large square and the old station, linked to the arrival of the railroad (line Vigan / Tournemire 19th), which earned the town the original curved viaduct.

- The facades of houses of merchants including the home of Marques du Luc.

- Chateau de la Rode 14th century, typical mansion of Cevennes with its beautiful spiral staircase and fireplace.

- The silk spinning become brickmaking Chabal, testimony about the industrious past of Aumessas.


Latitude = 43.99147
Longitude = 3.501396

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