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Land of megaliths

The village of Blandas sits in the center of a vast limestone expanse, surrounded by sinkholes with vegetation made up mainly of boxwood and oaks. If the village has retained only a few elements of its typical limestone habitat (vaults, stairs and terraces), it successfully highlights its natural heritage with its flora and fauna, the ecosystems of lavagnes and ponds, the paths of walking and hiking and the preservation of its large open spaces.

Many megaliths dot this rugged and wild plateau, testifying to the age of man's presence in these places. It is even a striking feature, because these thousand-year-old vestiges blend into a harsh nature, the standing stones constituting with the rare trees the only vertical elements.

To see :
- The church, Romanesque building
- The Perrarines cromlech

The Causse de Blandas is the southernmost of the Causses and the lowest, it has an area of approximately 10,000 hectares where a rich endemic flora flourishes, symbolized in particular by the officinal peony.


Latitude = 43.91285
Longitude = 3.513375

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