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The Causse lookout

Of very ancient origin, the place was called "the desired mountain", a name undoubtedly due to the rich deposits of minerals that the subsoil contained and also to the presence of water, a real treasure on the arid limestone plateau of Causse ...
The houses are squeezed together at the foot of the fortress, a stone sentry that has for centuries guarded access to the Causse de Blandas from the valleys. The village is in fact located on the road that runs from the Cévennes to the Pyrenees via Lodève. A privileged passage, therefore, taken by both merchants and pilgrims (as evidenced by the remains of the hospital and inns) but also by armed men and gangs of looters ... Arthur Young, the famous British agronomist, made a stopover there on July 30, 1787.
The village experienced significant economic development in the 19th century, thanks to the exploitation of mines and the extraction of lithographic stones.
Montdardier opens onto a separate space: the Causse de Blandas.The contrast is given by the castle, whose shapes and lines soar towards the sky in a flat universe with rare vegetation.

To see :
- The castle of Montdardier, listed in the inventory of Historical Monuments since 1989
- The cooler


Latitude = 43.92744
Longitude = 3.592655

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