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On the Causses road

In the heart of the upper valley of La Vis, near Mont Saint-Guiral (1365m), in an area where limestone, granite and schist meet, Alzon enjoys a privileged position. A stopover point, the village marks the entry into Vigan territory for those arriving from Larzac by the old royal road from Aix to Montauban. Preserved from the damage of uncontrolled town planning, it has retained its typical streets
and for the most part, its old facades. Its small heritage has been rehabilitated and enhanced thanks to the Employment Heritage Plan. Part of the town is located in the heart of the Cévennes National Park. An association and exchanges maintain friendship
with the Chatham Islands (New Zealand) since Alzon has the particularity of being the only place in France to which corresponds to a land inhabited at the antipodes.

To have :
- St-Martin Church, building dating from the 12th century
- The Pont de Saurel, Romanesque bridge from the 12th century
- The chapel of the penitents, whose construction was completed in 1730


Latitude = 43.96677
Longitude = 3.439497

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30770 ALZON