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Refuge of the Huguenot lords and land of artists


Located to the west of Vigan, the village of Bréau dominates the Souls river which is a tributary of the Arre.
It is made up of several hamlets and farmhouses: Serres, Le Plan, Le Bruel, Les Courèges It offers the particularity of being built according to the rules of circular town planning, with, in the central part, an orchard. Bréau is a suspended village,
with picturesque alleys and benefits from remarkable points of view. Salagosse is a granite farmhouse with
torrents, the stones of chaos merge with the walls of the houses, its access by a winding road has many bridges and magnificent viewpoints that make it a beautiful walk.
A town conducive to Art and creation: each year, the Salon de Bréau, created by the artist Harry Séguéla exhibits works by painters, plastic artists and ceramists working in the Cévennes.
At the Plan, the Maison des Toys presents original creations as well as toys brought back from all over the world.

Located on an old passageway descending from the Mouzoulès pass to the Coudoulous valley. The village has preserved a traditional habitat in hamlets with its houses built in granite and schist. It is crossed by several streams which water the many market gardens and orchards on the slopes and in the valley floor.

To see in Bréau:
- The Thebaid, former home of the painter Harry Séguéla
- The castle of Bréau

To see in Mars:
- Fountain
- The old wash house
- The castle


Latitude = 43.98908
Longitude = 3.572573

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