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From orchids to cardabelles

The Causse de Campestre stretches between the gorges of La Vis and those of La Virenque. It was once nicknamed the granary of the Cévennes in Viganais. High isolated land and open space, the Causse de Campestre et Luc has a relief of hills and vegetation dominated by boxwood but also the characteristic blue thistle of the Causse and especially the emblematic Cardabelle (Carlina acanthifolia), pressed against the ground, very well adapted to a dry environment, filled with thorns that radiate like a sun and that we used to hang on the doors of houses and sheepfolds ...
In this seemingly stepic landscape, water infiltrates quickly, but the presence of depressions called sotchs (sinkholes) where clay accumulates, offers cultivable spaces and constitutes reserves of vegetation and endemic species. The town is classified as a "Natura 2000 site".
Crossed by ancestral drailles, dug by shepherds and flocks of sheep, the Causse has known for many
many years the development of cattle breeding.These open spaces have always exerted a fascination
on residents and visitors: neither valley nor mountain, the Causse is a world in itself.

To see :
- The remains of the 13th century castle
- The presbytery


Latitude = 43.95321
Longitude = 3.420004

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