Megalithic Tour

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From Le Vigan (9 km journey) take the direction of Millau (D999), after 1.5km turn left towards Avèze (D48). 
Cross the village, after 7km of ascent you will arrive at Montdardier (10 km from Le Vigan in the direction of the Cirque de Navacelles), take the D113, park at the crossroads with the D113a.

1. Dolmen du Planas. Dolmen with corridor of a 2m70 by 2m slab. Human bones and pottery shards.
found on the spot are exhibited in the Cévenol Museum.

800m further on the D113 :
2. Cromlech de Perrarines. The stones were straightened in the 1970s, the cromlech measures 120m in diameter.

On the other side of the road, 100m away:

3. Menhir du Serre de Gleyse. 2m60 with a maximum width of 97 cm.
If you continue the circuit by car, you will pass in front of it:
4. Menhir du Landre
5. Menhir des Combes
6. Menhir of Avernat
7. Cromlech of Mercoulines
8. Menhir de La Trivalle


Latitude = 43.92744
Longitude = 3.592655

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