Saint Laurent Le Minier waterfall

There are many swimming spots along the Vis river. From June 23 to September 2, the car park will be charged until 6 p.m. (price per day 5 ¤, no credit card). A second car park remains free at 600m


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The waterfall at St Laurent Le Minier is a private property.

It is forbidden to climb on the waterfall (dangerous and fragile) and it is forbidden to dive.

The left AND right banks are private from the plumb line of the bridge and over 700 meters

Out of respect for the owners, the inhabitants and the environment, please respect the signs and the following instructions:

No fires (no barbecue)

No Camping

The aqueduct located on the left bank is fragile and rock falls are frequent.

Please pick up your litters before you leave.



Saint-Laurent-le-Minier owes its name to the gold and silver mines, exploited since the Middle Ages.

The existence of these mines is proven by the underground passages or galleries cut in the rock, as well as by the old documents which mention them.

Other ores such as copper, silver lead, iron, zinc were mined and processed on St-Laurent. For example, at a place called "La Papèterie", 500 m from the village, along the road towards Ganges, there was a metal factory. The activity spanned from 1857 to the early 1950s.