Come and fish in our 1st category rivers!

You can still find the fario trout, an autochthonous species... But also in the ponds of the Gravas fish farm where fishing is guaranteed "miraculous" and where you can grill them on the spot.
Collect salads, herbs and wild asparagus, thyme... their flavour is incomparable and the vitamins guaranteed.

The main rivers of the Pays Viganais are the Arre and the Vis. 

Fishing permits are essential and there is even a "holiday" permit valid for 7 days, available at the Tourist Office.

The Vis is considered to be one of the most beautiful trout rivers in France. Its cool waters hide wild fario trout, which are very difficult to catch. The gorges are quite difficult to access.

Ask for the "Guide de la pêche dans le Gard" at the Tourist Office.
To spend a playful moment and be sure to catch a fish, you can go and tease the trout at the Gravas fish farm situated in a leafy and flowery setting. Tables, chairs and grills are at your disposal to cook your fish on site.


Marvel at the colours of the flowers of the Causse de Blandas: the yellow of the daffodils, the purple or yellow of the irises, the oranges of the tulips and, at the end of spring, the white of the majestic asphodels.

Introduce yourself to the extraordinary world of orchids: some resemble bees, Ophrys bee, to better attract them, others resemble helmets, military orchids... their shapes and colours are astonishing.

Festival of transhumance

Listen to the bells of the flocks of sheep. They transhumance in the mountains when grass is scarce on the plain. The bells have different sizes and sounds; those called "drailhes" are only used during the transhumance. Every year, at the beginning of June, the "Fête de la transhumance" takes place in Esperu. Several flocks of sheep gather on this day and 3,600 animals, some adorned with large multicoloured pompoms, are the queens of the festival.