Saint Guiral peak

The peak of St-Guiral culminates at 1366 m of altitude. This large granite rock, the extension of the Lingas mountain range, 50 m high, emerges in the middle of the forest. Once on top, the panorama stretches, on a clear day, to the Mediterranean sea.

Around 1885, many parishes organized pilgrimages on Pentecost Monday: a mass was celebrated on granite altars and, at vespers, the blessing of a bouquet of buttercups also called "crow's feet" preserved the flocks from disease.

The magic of St Guiral is also the legend of the three hermits:

Three brothers secretly loved the same young girl, Irčne de Rogues. Pressed by each of the young men, she could not decide on her choice. After thinking, finally, she decided to ask them to participate in the crusade: on her return, she would marry the one who would have been particularly distinguished by his courage and bravery.

Years passed. The troubadours who sang the deeds of the Crusaders never spoke of the three knights. Then, consumed with grief, the indecisive lover died.

As the funeral procession was heading towards the cemetery, the three brothers arrived ... too late. In the grip of the greatest despair, they decided on the spot to devote themselves to the hermit life. Each year, to commemorate this sad anniversary, they lit a fire from their respective retreats, located on the main peaks of the region.

For a few years, the populations were able to contemplate three blazes, then only two, then only one, that of St Guiral ... and finally, none.